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SLKF Church

A Word of Welcome From Our Pastor

Rev. Hoang M. TuongIt is my pleasure to welcome you to the website for the parish of St. Louis King of France Catholic Church. Whether you are a newcomer to our area in search of a parish home, a member of the parish family, a Catholic coming home or simply a “cyber-surfer,” it is my conviction that the Lord has led you to this page. Your presence is lovingly welcomed and appreciated within our global Catholic community.

Our parish is a Christo-centric community in Metairie, Louisiana. Diverse in makeup, we are young and old, natives and transplants. We exist for one reason: to come to know and be conformed to, the Person of Jesus. In prayer and worship and service, we gather in His Name, relying on His promise to be in our midst. Founded firmly in the faith and truth of the Catholic Church, we are proud of our heritage and hopeful for our future.

May God be with you and yours in your journey of faith!

Rev. Hoang M. Tuong, Pastor

SLKF Church

Mass Schedule

Monday and Wednesday  
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Saturday Vigil  

Adoration and Benediction 
Every Tuesday after 8:30am Mass and First Friday of each month after 8:30am Mass.

SLKF School / Parish Mass
Friday at 8:30am

Holy Days of Obligation
Vigil Mass at 5:00pm

Return to Me Parish Event

Join Our Lenten Experiences: Return to Me With All Your Heart

March 15        6:00-7:30 PM             Lenten Reflection “God Wants You Back” with Special Guests

March 22        5:00-6:30 PM             Holy Hour with Exposition, Benediction, and Confessions

March 29        5:00-6:30 PM             Holy Hour with Exposition, Benediction and Confessions

April 5             5:00-6:30 PM             Holy Hour with Exposition, Benediction and Confessions

Return to Me with All Your Heart is the overarching theme of a Lenten prayer series at St. Louis King of France Church in Bucktown.  It begins with a Lenten reflection “God Wants You Back” on March 15 from 6:00-7:30 PM with Megan Noll, presenter and Rita West, musician.  Megan and her musical guest Rita will share stories about falling out of love, avoiding the family and returning to God with all your heart.  Time for reflection, presentation, prayer, fellowship and a short break will be included. All ages and stages of life are welcome.  This event is FREE!

About the Musician – Rita West 

Rita grew up in a family of eleven children in New Orleans.  Much of her childhood memories were centered around music.  After high school, she learned to play the guitar.  As her faith in God grew, she sought to share the truth and power of God’s love through music and witness, so others would be brought into a relationship with the Father, where freedom and healing await. In April 2016, she released “Heart of Mercy,” a single co-written with fellow musician John Finch. The song can be found in digital stores and on YouTube. Her first solo recording project – Chosen EP – will be available in the Spring of 2017. Visit her online at www.ritawest.com

About the Presenter – Megan Noll, M.A.

Like Rita, Megan comes from a big family. She grew up going to Mass every Sunday with them.  Her parents and grandparents instilled a strong faith presence through their witness, taught her about the Rosary, the Eucharist and how to live a good moral life.  Only one thing was missing, a more profound relationship with God himself.  On a personal retreat, the Lord challenged Megan to get to know Him better and to allow faith to become more than traditions and religious practices.  It was getting very personal! Since then, life happened. Authentic relationships, including the one with God, became more real, messy and beautiful. Ms. Noll has spoken nationally and internationally, including the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers and the National Catholic Social Workers Convention.  She also graduated from both the Pontifical Pope John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family and the University of Divinity in Melbourne, Australia.

Location: St. Louis King of France Catholic Church, 1609 Carrollton Ave., Metairie, LA 70005

Questions? Call Megan at 504-834-9977 ext. 4

Megan Noll

Welcome Ms. Megan Noll as the new Pastoral Administrator for St. Louis King of France Church. She moved to Metairie last year, and has discovered many of the charms to living there including the Bucktown Seafood Festival and Lake Pontchartrain. Ms. Megan has an extensive background to help our community form intentional disciples. Educationally, she received a Master of Arts from the University of Divinity, Australia with an additional degree in Marriage and Family from the Pontifical John Paul II Institute. Her first “real” job was as a youth minister and religious educator at St. Michael Parish and School in Stillwater, Minnesota. Since then, she has worked with dioceses, parish and schools in some capacity in both Australia and the United States.

As our new administrator, she first wants to meet and listen to the school and parish communities. Forming intentional disciples may include socializing, small group sharing, evangelizing, praying and assisting Rev. Hoang with sacramental preparation, youth ministries and family endeavors. In addition to her own business as a consultant, the best days to reach her at the parish office will be Monday-Wednesday. Feel free to schedule a time to meet with her, share your parish or faith experiences (both good and bad) or get involved at 504.834.9977 ext. 4 or mnoll@slkfschool.com.

Parish-School Survey

St. Louis King of France is re-igniting our parish community.  To do this, we are asking for honest feedback from our parishioners and school parents. Please take the time to review the letter about the survey and complete the surveys below.

Letter to Accompany Survey April 2017

Click here for the Adult Parish-School Survey.

Additionally, we want to hear from our children and youth. We have an additional survey for youth (grades 6-12) here.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  A summary of our results will be shared in May or June 2017.

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